Xavi speaks on Messi’s return to Barcelona & his plan for him | Is it still on track to happen?!

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Xavi has spoken out about Lionel Messi’s return to Bara, along with how he would use Messi in his team next season. But after new reports linking Messi to a move to Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia, are Bara still on track to sign him?




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99 comentario en “Xavi speaks on Messi’s return to Barcelona & his plan for him | Is it still on track to happen?!”
  1. If "Messi decides" and "Messi wants to return to Barcelona"–then Messi is coming back. But, we know that's not going to happen because of 1.2 billion dollars. Messi will go to Saudi Arabia and Antonela will go back to Castelldefels, where Messi's house is (not in "the city" as you said). She will enjoy her life in a mansion at the beach while Messi does his time playing in a shit league and collecting his money.

  2. I see Messi re-joining Barca as 70% chance. La Liga is wasting time as always and Al Hilal is offering a lot of money 🤑💰. However, Leo's love for the club and city is strong and so is his family's will to come back.

  3. I don't know why I think, La Liga is playing with Barcelona. There is no way Tebas wants Leo's return. He hates Barcelona, specially Laporta right now.

  4. I'll have a lot less respect for him if he chooses the anti human rights regime of Saudi Arabia. Some things should NOT be just about money, especially when one already has enough to last several lifetimes. I hope Messi does the right thing.

  5. La liga doesn’t want Barcelona to strengthen hence the dragging of feet especially because the heir-achy and their minions and referees etc worship Real Madrid turf

  6. It really feels like Tebas is doing this purposefully to sabotage Barcelona. Taking his time to find any sort of unsuitable number, which could bring our whole financial viability plan down. Only because he supports Real Madrid. Meanwhile Messi's arrival would economically improve the whole league. What a joke of a president!

  7. As Barcelona fan. I'm not desperate Messi to come Barca & play. He is professional player. He proved everything for Barca. he had very struggling season when Valverde & Koeman were managiny. Now, BARCA is champion and playing better. I don't want to see he not getting Best out of him in Barca. I hope he go out & make money. And retired well

  8. 😢😢Man that's a lot of money, I get it if he does go to Al Hilal. But if I know a true love story that is of Barcelona and Messi🥺🥺These moments are what fairytails are made of….And something tells me that this is not over, He'll be back home.❤️💙❤️💙

  9. Messi is priceless… Left barcelona on free leaving PSG on free.. and i sure Messi will be back to barcelona for free… Even if he doesn't premier league should be a 2nd choice

  10. Messi can do both, come back to Barca for 1-2 years and Saudi Arabia would still probably offer some crazy amount after.

  11. I trust Alemany to never let this happen. Fans would of course love to see it. But when things go awry, we will be the first to look for people to blame. Fans have short memory. If Messi comes, things will inevitably go wrong, coaches will be blamed and sacked and the club returned to the shambles we are barely emerging from. Barca is not Argentina. We don't have the resources or commitment necessary for this.

  12. In my opinion I feel like the closer and closer we get to "too late to make the offer" the more chance we have of signing Messi, of course IF it isnt too late. Think about it this way, if we gave him the offer immediately, he would've had all this time to evaluate and decide what he wants to do and talk to his father and family about it, creating conflict and a big window to argue the decision. HOWEVER, if we make the offer right before the too late mark, itll be more heavily reliant on Messi's own impulsive decision. And we know which one he's favoring. I feel like if we make the offer in the next 2 weeks, we have like a 65% chance of signing him.

  13. If ik dis stupid man he will find something to prevent Barca from singing Messi which I don’t understand y his against the best player in the world playing in a league dat he runs 💀🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. Funny thing is, this is kinda like how Messi joined the club in the first place, they waited for a long time, and Leo and his father were about to leave, and that was when the famous napkin contract was drawn up.

  15. Messi ain’t coming back…. Laporta dragging this on and he knows it…. Alemany stayed because he was told Messi ain’t coming

  16. I kinda liked it Jamie when I didn't have to watch two minutes of beard products rather than barca news. But I understand though. Positive thoughts always

  17. I am skeptical on a la Liga ok. I only hope after all is settled for him to come or now our relationship will not be ruined. I feel like it is so delicate.

  18. Don’t make too much of his enrolled his kids in school. He could enroll his kids in Barcelona school and go play for two year in Saudi 🤷🏻‍♂️ and Barca doesn’t have money to sign him…

  19. I don't know 1.2 billion is crazy… I understand that he has a lot of money, but who can walk away from 1.2 billion?
    Of course he could be happy in Barcelona, but it also could backfire leaving him devestated!

    I really hope Barca can make him an offer! But I wouldn't be mad if he chose the safe option!

  20. I'm getting a bad vibe. All these barca staff keep saying it all depends on messi where in reality it actually depends on when the club will provide an official contract to leo. Maybe this whole saga is a barca stunt for viewership and in the end if they fail to bring leo they would just put the blame on him because "eVrYtHiNg dEpEnDs oN LeO"

  21. Can we just stop putting pressure on Messi to come back to Barcelona.

    Common let's be realistic here £1.2 billion in 2 years given how dirty the club did to him, everything he has achieved for the club etc.

    It's time to allow the guy go for big money deal, at least that will encourage a faster retirement from football in general for him and allow him have a more stable family instead of moving again to MLS or Saudi eventually

  22. Jamie, u don’t need to say “Laliga” are delaying the decision. we all KNOW, its javier tebASS! If Perez sent them a plan for their next year, it’d be approved IMMEDIATELY! In fact you already know, tebASS just Venmo’d Perez the money the BUY bellingham and mbappe! He is doing EVERYTHING to stop Laporta! U can see it in his actions, it doesn’t matter what ever overflows from the clogged toilet he calls a mouth, his actions speak loud and they are quaking in FEAR of messi and of LAPORTA. We need tebASS to step DOWN as laligas director. If spain EVER want to compete in Europe and in the world. Tebass HAS TO GO! You NEVER year anything, about the president of other leagues. Ligue 1, eredivisie, Bundesliga, EPL, i dont even know who the president of those Leagues are. The fact that the WHOLE football world KNOWS the name tebass, it is not a good sign. He the the Donald trump of spain! But atleast there were people who liked trump, who the HELL is letting tebASS stay in power? TEBASS OUT YESTERDAY!!

  23. I cannot describe the heartbreak i would feel if he goes to Saudi Arabia. I would prefer he goes to Espanyol or any team to be honest. I just want to keep seeing him play in Europe

  24. The main issue with the Messi-signing, is that it is all up the Javier Tebas. So, in all honesty, I would only give around 5% chance of happening. Tebas would never ever do anything that would benefit Barcelona or La Liga. So unless he was forced to do so, I think he'll find some small insignificant detail in Barca's viability plan, and use it to reject it.

    What makes it even sadder, is that he would also be tarnishing Lionel Messi legacy, because if he leaves to Suadi, for money, instead of Barca, it would go against everything that he is, and has been all about during his entire career, and everyone, including the media, would use that to rewrite the story of the man.

  25. Why have we still not open official talks with Leo his camp as at now. Are we especting Leo to offer himself to us when we are only playing games with his return

  26. Barca is not creating the space
    Barca is not making the calls
    Barca is just blaming Tebas
    Barca is just blaming Jeorge Messi

    Barca once again is failing Leo and playing games with culers hearts

  27. The League is delaying on purpose. They've always been (since his debut) a thorn on Messi's side. They're anti-Barca, they've always been Anti-Barca, no matter what.

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