Lionel Messi is already in Barcelona for a Coldplay concert – Pablo Zabaleta | ESPN FC

Lionel Messi is already in Barcelona for a Coldplay concert – Pablo Zabaleta | ESPN FC Encuentra la mejor seleccin de camisetas de ftbol y camisetas de futbol Costa Rica de los equipos en Sprinter y disfruta ms que nunca de tus partidos y entrenos.

On ESPN FC, the crew talk through Paris Saint-Germain winning Ligue 1 and whether Lionel Messi returns to Barcelona this summer.#ESPNFC #espnfc

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67 comentario en “Lionel Messi is already in Barcelona for a Coldplay concert – Pablo Zabaleta | ESPN FC”
  1. I don't see Messi leaving European football just yet. His first departure from Barca was not the way the GOAT should leave. Bring him back where he belongs.

  2. Messi was finished long ago that's why they made sure Argentina got a false penalty in every world cup game because he can't do it on his own and he can't be good enough to be in the next world cup.

  3. 1:27 there has been ZERO confirmed reports messi wants to go to Saudi arabia. Just because they offered him crazy $, doesn’t mean he has any interest

  4. Messi is greedy. History has proven that 100 times over. I'm not judging, nor do I blame him, but he has no passion when playing and have no doubt he'll go to Saudi league for the paycheck. Sure he's consistently the star on the field when playing alongside Mbappe against some of the worst teams in the world of Ligue 1, but back in La Liga, he'll be eaten alive unless he cares again

  5. Messi s father is already in Saudi Arabia finalized a deal . Why can’t idiots understand that the Messi family is behind money and their future is not in Europe .

  6. Why does Messi want to leave PSG? Ask PSG Ultras that booes Messi almost every game for nothing! If a player is not loved in a club why should he stay?

  7. ESPN will look like clowns when messi go to Barcelona . They keep saying for him to go to Saudi for money . Since when has he put that first lol

  8. Messi is pathetic. Imagine going to a new job and letting your co workers know that you must make more money than them. Very self concerned and disrespectful to your team. Not to mention he is not even the best player on the team.

  9. Leo Messi is back as a Barcelona player he isn't finished unlike his rival and even if he's won everything he has a couple more years left at the top before he goes to another league before he retires.

  10. PSG winning Ligue 1 for the 9th time in the last 11 seasons this year, not a surprise to anyone. PSG after the start of 2023, there were so many poor performances from this team and they were awful and as expected they would hang onto 1st place. I don't think this is enough for Christophe Galtier to keep his job because they've been disappointing and he'll get the sack this summer, also PSG has to rebuild their squad big time. PSG may have gotten another league title and they always win the league, with a squad full of superstars and good players, PSG are still further away from winning the champions league and something has to change at that football club ASAP. PSG too hot to handle in France even when they weren't good this season yet still an imbalanced squad and them as a whole continue to fall short in the champions league. PSG have 9 league titles in 11 years and it seems like the PSG project will still be deemed a failure unless they win the champions league, no one cares about PSG winning Ligue 1 and if you look at that squad was never built for European success and it's important to have that longevity in the league and consistency but PSG are still lacking team unity, resilience, and togetherness to become European champions and as a team the talent is never in question, their consistency problems have been their downfall, they're too inconsistent.

  11. Saudi Arabia team will sign Messi for the 2024 2025 season and give him a huge signing bonus so that he can play 1 year in Barcelona for close to nothing. So the Saudi team will be paying his salary his final year in Barcelona

  12. Sounds ridicilous, if I were Messi id call De Paul from Atletico, and go Messi- Dibu- De Paul in Aston villa. Play for glory, set up on medium wage, would be a sight to see!

  13. Bundesliga and Ligue 1 is so boring with bayern and psg winning. Those leagues need to tighten up more financial restrictions to give those competitions more competitiveness.

  14. I'm really shocked to see that Saint-Etienne, the most decorated team in France in terms of domestic success, were in Ligue 2 right now.
    Also, I'm pointing out that to Indonesian fans, Messi and Coldplay will go to Jakarta this year for a big stage!

  15. Congratulations on Mbappe,
    Feel bad for Lewi.
    No matter how many goals he scores, Pessi fans will blame him for every loss and credit Messy for every win.🤡

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