Lionel Messi Announces PSG’s Downfall 😂

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99 comentario en “Lionel Messi Announces PSG’s Downfall 😂”
  1. I'm a ronaldo fan so I would tell both messi and ronaldo to switch clubs because psg has awesome luck to their players ronaldhio joins psg he wins the world cup mbappe joins psg he wins a world cup messi joins psg he wins a world cup both messi and ronaldo hate their clubs al nasser needs messi so much while psg would like ronaldo they both should end their career the but messi might go to Barcelona but he has a high chance going to the Saudi league and playing for al nasser oh and ronaldo should go to psg because he will win a world cup I know what your thinking now ronaldo is to old to play in the world cup but I hear his son cristiano ronaldo Jr wants him to play longer so that ronaldo Jr can play with him.

  2. I could understand why everyone's upset. They lost. It must be solely on the striker. And it must be against the best player arguably of all time. So him missing one day of training or two is so bad. Because he'll lose all his skill and talent. Rational. Thanking it's easy if you want to do it.

  3. Let's be honest it was messi at fault here for not discussing properly or being approved

    And you guys hate on ronaldo for missing training when his daughter was in hospital or something like that

  4. I don’t have a fight or something wid dis guy but look when ronaldo farts , this guy has problems and roasts him , when messi got suspended he is crying like what , just be fair

  5. Messies biggest achievements
    7 ballondor
    6 fifa poy
    Most goals in laliga
    Barca top scorer
    2 Lauren athlele of the year

    Psgs biggest achivement
    Messi in psg matches and training
    Wearing their shirt
    And scoring and giving a goal and assist for psg😂😂😂💀☠🇦🇷

  6. Nah guys the true reason is when Messi won Laures or smth idk when he arrived home he was not botherd to change his clothes then he upload it but the pants he wore was 🇦🇷

  7. Its because he won the Laures Trophy🏆 and he did a Photo shoot and as soon as he got home he thought about an apology video and he didn't have the time to undress 🐐 🐐 🐐

  8. Bro he was in a suit bc before the downfall he got a reward and was like I also have an apology to do and just did it while having a suit so now you know why

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