WHY Messi wore a suit in the apology video 🤣 #football

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  1. I mean his left foot has scored more goals in the champions league than psg altogether. Messi probably has more champions league wins than PSG has goals in the same competition.

  2. i like how messi fans are crying downfall of psg like he did anything special for psg. downfall of psg will be when mbappe leaves, even in last match where psg scored 5 messi ghosted.

  3. Messi loves to act innocent as always
    Messi, a Barca traitor or Legend?

    Messi came to Barca as a 13 y.o. boy. With Xavi and Iniesta, they won everything from 2005-2011. Barca is a registered association and every supporters love Messi. Barca had the list of club history super stars (eg Maradona, Hagi, Ronaldo and Rivaldo etc) , yet they also want to have their own legendary product, the home grown legend, and Messi was the one. Thus Barca maintain the squads based on Messi's playing style. After both Xavi and Iniesta left Barca, Barca got lots of big money signings. However unable to find new replacement of the Age of Golden Midfielders (Xavi and Iniesta), Barca no longer the same level as it was be.

    As a homemade legend at Barca, Messi has every power above the club. Neymar knows it at Barca even they both are good friends, he still could only play around Messi, thus Neymar left for PSG.

    Barca had great debt long ago. In 2012-13 season Messi's fixed wage rose to €13 million after tax, with 10 million incentives.

    Barca' La Masia was once good at developing homegrown players. However, as the club builds around Messi, Barca trends to buy star players to suit Messi's playing style.

    Messi has all the speaking power at Barca, which is nothing a secret (He had conflicts with several Barca coaches). Once the teammate of Messi, Eric Abidal at the time as Barca's director of football, publicly stated that some players are not working hard enough. Messi then opened fires on him, asking Abidal to speak out who's the players were.

    2014 World Cup was a disappointment for Messi's Argentina team, losing the final. The following final defeat at Copa America upset Messi alot, announced to quit the national team for the first time (Messi forced the national coach Martino to step down as well. Martino was fired after a bad season at Barca in 2014, which then went on coaching the Argentine team.)

    Then, during the pandemic after the shock 8-2 defeat to Bayern (15th August), Messi once again wanted to quit the team, this time with his beloved team, Barca.

    Eric Abidal also resigned following the Champion League defeat.

    Well, from this moment, most Barca supporters still believe Barca has poor management that makes Messi want to leave, but this is not the truth!

    Real Zaragoza fail to promote to La Liga due to their top striker loan ended, harming their playoff match performance. And this happened on 5th August. Real Zaragoza even tried to sue the Spanish FA.

    Messi then, on 25th August, made publicly he was betrayed by the president, lies about he could leave a year prior to his contract ends. Barca then claims that the agreement already expired in June.

    Well, well, well. By noticing the Real Zaragoza case, Messi clearly misleading the public by saying he WAS BETRAYED.
    Messi was just trying to make up the reason for leaving Barca. And clearly, he was upset by the Bayern defeat. Why? As a matter of the fact, he could leave for free in June, which he didn't, because he knows he has no reason to grab for jumping ship so suddenly. Messi knows he would be accused as a traitor, and all his contributions at Barca would become no acknowledgment.

    Messi had a history of tax evasion and had his Dad working as his agent. When being accused of tax evasion, his dad stated Messi learns nothing as he's always the one who's handling Messi's financial matters.

    Messi's Dad is not a fool. Does anyone believe Jorge Messi can't figure out when's the contract ends? If Messi is loyal to Barca, Jorge Messi could renew the contract for Messi during the entire year, not after Messi becomes a free player nor after the La Liga salary cap is reform.

    Messi had too much power at Barca. Laporta once says, "KEEPING MESSI COULD HAVE MADE BARCA AT RISK FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS."

    The club president Bartomeu and Eric Abidal resigned, Aguero signed. For keeping Messi, Barca does everything.

    Barca makes Messi a legend, and Messi puts Barca at risk of bankruptcy.

    If people believe Luis Figo was a Barca traitor, then Messi must be the Barca's Traitor of the Century





  4. I don't think Messi needed to apologize. He's an ultra professional, and as much as I like Neymar and others, Messi is far more of a professional than them, who party and are "injured" half the season

  5. Ronaldo skipped training at united for no reason and didn’t do an apology video and messi had to do an apology video for spending time with his family that’s not fair

  6. He don't care what he's wearing.
    people will talk shit about him cause they can't afford this suits mate
    Always remember what he gave us he gave us a good times with memories
    So appreciate this man
    Lionel Messi 🐐🐐

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