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MESSI TO SAUDI ARABIA! Mark Goldbridge Reacts! Give us your thoughts? Download the OneFootball App Here: #AD
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  1. Let him get to the bag, 35 is crazy but if he want to get to the bag, let him. Not a big cr7 fan but he was 37 when he made that decision , plus cr7 was diminishing rapidly. Whereas messi still got lot more in the tank.

  2. I think this is just a marketing stunt for this guy.. messi is still in Europe and will be here for long.. messi is such a big name that only by criticizing him can make this guy look big.. 😅😅 keep it up. Messi is very humble…😂😂

  3. one thing to consider, messi isn't the athlete cr7 is, he is 5'7 and 35, if his pace and fitness is dropping off now playing at the very top level could be hard for him

  4. I think we need to transition this guys legacy- we are holding on to them so much
    Ronaldo and Messi have done what they could possibly do

    Let’s usher in the next generation of GOATS 🐐

  5. simple greed on both parts ronaldo and messi just retire now you are both tarnishing your names. niether of them need that sort of money. wasnt messi on something like 800 thou a week lol

  6. Saudi Arabia is a family safe oriented society with zero racism and they're not going to turn Messi's boys into girls at school so I guess he need to play in Europe.

  7. There are certain players who like it or not transcend the sport and are even "bigger" than the sport i.e. Jordan, M Ali and Messi is one of them. He owes absolutely nothing, has nothing left to prove and can literally do whatever he wants. Obviously he would go for the money duh captain obvious so what? Rather than retiring at early 30s like Zidane Ronaldinho etc hes playing football and getting paid stupid amounts for it. We all wanna see him play in a top league because hes still a top player but will be happy with whatever he chooses because he is a 🐐 and thats not even an opinion its a fact

  8. If Messi joins Saudi League that league will be better than Premier league 2 🐐 Playing 🇦🇷🐐 × 🇵🇹🐫

  9. Absolutely farcical,, mesi should leave PSG and find another top European club, but except a massive cut in wages if he really wants more cups,, Ronaldo won the lot playing for more than one European club.

  10. Ridicolous money….
    He should of gone too the premier league for a stint there then was the last year of his career over there…
    He didnt even need the money

  11. As much as I admire Messi,this move is just a sad and pathetic money grab.
    How much money does one person need,is he not rich enough?

    He's just won whe World Cup,the highest accolade in footabll and was also player of the tournament,so he must still have plenty to offer real football,whereas you could argue Ronaldo,particularly at his age wasn't good enough for European football anymore so it was kind of understanable he fled to Saudi Arabia.

    No we have the possibility of Ronaldo returning to Europe and Messi plying his trade in the footballing wasteland of the middle east.

  12. This says it all about western economies, 100s of millions are pocket change to the Saudis and it will only get worse once BRICS are established.

  13. Its a few HUNDRED million bruh. It’s life changing, and not just for him. He could probably lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty back home with that once he’s done.

  14. It's incomprehensible to me and I suppose "normal" people like us. Ronaldo and Messi are among the richest people in the world, they make more in a month than we will in our entire lifetime… but they still really need that much more? To the point where they are going to move to Saudi Arabia and support this awful regime.

  15. I think in messi’s mind, he can do what he wants. I personally think he will go to an Italian TEAm personally but slot if ppl will disagree – I think.

  16. Arab money / contracts controlling more and more of football. He has earned his money but going to the desert is notjing more then. Money grab. More respect if he retired or returned to. Home club or lessor club in top League

  17. All this messi v Ronaldo thing irritates me. Some people love one and hate the other. Call them crap or whatever. Both have given the game so much. If either of them are crap then just don’t watch football. They are literally finishing up their illustrious careers like everyone else does. If anyone needs be slated it’s half the clowns that play for united earning over 200k a week and walking about.

  18. Mark stop pretending, you don’t even watch him in Ligue 1 so what are you on about, no one actually cares.. let him go where he wants to

  19. Crazy both 2 of the best players ever and have more money than they will ever need, to disappear in to a league and be forgotten

  20. Messi's dad already denied the rumours and confirmed it was all a big fat lie. Pathetic Saudi Al Hilal fans making up stories. No way this is happening. No way is Messi ruining his legacy like that…like Cronaldo did, cause he didn't have any real European offers. Messi won't be short of those when he leaves PSG. So totally different scenario. Messi has at least 1 or 2 more years in Europe, and once he really does leave Europe, it will only be for Argentina, back to his childhood club Newells.

  21. Saying Messi is the greatest cl player ever is an absolute disgrace when there is Cristiano Ronaldo who scored the most goals, has the most assists, holds the record for most goals in one season, and moreover, his 3rd best result(15) is better than Messi’s best(14). And also 5 CLs won, 3 in a row while being the top scorer in all of them, no one did it before him and will never repeat it most likely. Don’t disgrace yourself like that anymore. At least in CL Cristiano is just crystal clear, you could argue that Messi is overall goat, with what I don’t agree but that’s a normal opinion. However saying Messi is greatest CL player is a shame.

  22. Hey everyone , it's about cash money , it's 600 million usa dollar , even the whole richest teams cannon offer it together 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. My boy pretends this is real news

    Cristiano fans are BEGGING for this to be real so they have something they can hold on to. They can not, Messi is a WC champion.

  24. Disapointed by Goldbridge here for actually believing and reporting terrible sources and just plain false information.

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