How much did SAUDI ARABIA pay MESSI?

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How much did SAUDI ARABIA pay MESSI?

As you already know, Lionel Messi‘s trip to Saudi Arabia cost him a lot! PSG suspended the world champion for 2 weeks!

What was Leo doing in this rich exotic country? Why did he literally rush to go there and put himself in such trouble?

We’re sure you might have asked yourself this question, and right now we’re going to tell you how Lionel Messi literally «SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL»!

Intrigued already? Let’s go!

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  1. I am UNSUBSCRIBING how miss leading is this video him joining SAUDI ARABIA is not a problem. And by the way the arabians are really good and modest HUMANS 1 can ever meet I'm not proud of this video you made.

  2. you never meddle in other country's affairs . only almighty GOD can judge them.
    true be told. even without Messi . Saudi Arabia would still have a better chance at winning the bid. in fact, i bet they will be the winners to host the world cup in 2030. we just saw how well the world cup was in Qatar. it was free of LGBTQ+ and woke crap. i am sure Saudi Arabia will be even better.
    also i am very happy that leo Messi is the ambassador of Saudi Arabia . 👍👍

  3. They both sold their soul to the wrong team….they both have money, it was to form more of a union with other countries, every country has its traditions and we should respect that but the lifestyle is different which may not be suitable to tourists, it should be about the passion of the sport not tourism…Sport is Sport keep it separate, yet again someone got payed to set it up n we all know who that was, greed greed greed n greed. 🤦

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