Football Experts on Lionel Messi’s Suspension after an unsanctioned trip to Saudi Arabia

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37 comentario en “Football Experts on Lionel Messi’s Suspension after an unsanctioned trip to Saudi Arabia”
  1. Messi told PSG two weeks before going to Saudi that he would not extend his contract with PSG, so now they are making it sound like they are no longer interested in him, and they won't renew his contract yet in actual fact he is the one who is not interested anymore. how many times did they try to convince him to renew his contract without any luck, old man stop telling lies.

  2. Guess what…Messi doesn’t care, PSG didn’t want to offer him more money to stay so he’s exploring his options…

  3. Yay Messi now You can enjoy Your Vacation + Your Suspension, You are The Best Football player, but You're also Human,and they didn't respect You at PSG,now they suspended You,it have Moore than 1 Club that are interested in Messi, You won't B jobless,Enjoy Your Vacation 🐐🦁👑⚽️⚽️⚽️🏜

  4. What a smart way…
    Making it look as if the boss is firing a worker… mean while the worker has submitted a resignation letter😂🤣🤣

  5. It's the best thing that could happen for Messi, leaving PSG. Imagine, the best player in the world being treated like a nobody at a club that is now basically run, not by the board, but a narcissistic man-child; 'Mbaby'. The idiotic club has allowed Mbaby to, basically run the club, while on the other hand, treats Messi like a loser. It's best Messi leaves this joke of a club, and the second rate French league.

  6. Messi cancled this trip twice bcz of PSG changes of their plans.

    And, he informed about this trip for the third time. And, PSG informed everyone gonna hv a two day off after the Sunday game.

    Everything was planned from Messi side and Saudi Arabia side to organize this trip events and other gigs.

    Messi side had a miscommunication about "if condition", that if PSG lose the Sunday match everyone should come to Monday morning.

    When Messi got the message, everything is arranged and he is on the way.

    First, PSG management not happy when Messi farther informed them that he is not gonna stay at PSG next season.

    Second, Mesdi side won the World cup over France so you can see how PSG fans (France fans) reaction even when Mbappe misses open goals (more than 20 big chances in this season) while Messi contribution is higher in PSG and also all Europe leagues.

    PSG take the opportunity to make Mbappe (plan of keeping him & lead him to Ballan dor race) and PSG fans happy when Messi is already gone milk.

  7. ทุกคนรู้ โลกรู้ ว่าสิ่งที่ทำกับเมสซี่มันเกินไป มันไม่มีเหตุผลที่เมสซี่จะทำอะไรโดยพลการ วันหนึ่คุณจะเสียใจที่ทำกับเมสซี่แบบนี้

  8. Psg ultra has every right to be angry but not violating players privacy
    Psg super team losing to lorent at home too and they didn't even score a real goal and players still going on vacation instead of taking responsibility for own job
    Is the world playing against us

  9. Jules, Messi said that he had asked for this months ago. He was allowed to go. He was on his way on the plane when he heard they had changed the schedule. There was nothing he could do about it. It's very unfair, (to say the least) to punish him for PSG's mistake. No point going on being in high dudgeon on Messi's insubordination, when there was none.

  10. Seems for me like a teenager told his boy friend that she wants to break up with him and the boy keep telling her to stay. But now the boy is on the state of denial, instead he yell at her "YOU ARE NOT BREAKING UP WITH ME, I AM BREAKING UP WITH YOU" that's what PSG is

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