Messi LEAVING PSG! BARCELONA RETURN IS HAPPENING! Hazte con las camisetas de la seleccin espaola para apoyar a la Roja al mximo. La primera equipacin, la segunda, la equipacin de entrenamiento, complementos, camisetas de futbol Paris St. Germain prendas lifestyle y ms para dar rienda suelta a tu pasin por la seleccin.

Messi and his father Jorge Messi have said to PSG he wants to leave Neymar and Mbappe this summer. Barcelona return now looks likely with Laporta and Xavi both wanting the return to happen.

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A pesar de que la camiseta de la seleccin espaola es la estrella de esta coleccin, esto no acaba aqu. adidas tambin pone a tu disposicin un amplio surtido de ropa de la seleccin espaola con la que demostrar tu amor por la Roja en cualquier ocasin. Bayern Munich 2022/2023 Chalecos de equipacin S1 Vas a jugar un partido con tus amigos? Combina una camiseta de entrenamiento de la seleccin con un pantaln y unas calcetas de Espaa. Solo quieres relajarte en casa viendo un partido? Disfrtalo con una cmoda sudadera de la seleccin espaola. Hagas lo que hagas, siempre podrs presumir de equipazo.

  1. As a Barça fan and Messi fan they could have won or gone far in the UCL but its the UCL Bayern and City showed that having individuals is good but having a team is better.
    Being honnest Messi was not at his best level at PSG you could say its the team fault or Messi's fault either way it did't work out. I rarely watch PSG's Ubereats games and from what i watched it was pure anti football even at that second leg vs Bayern there was no team the just waited for MBappe and Messi to work for them not with them how many time i saw Messi and Neymar free for a pass they just do a backpass or give a longball to Mbappe to make a run. I prefer to watch WWE Copa America Football on Bolivian ground rather than watching those headless chickens try to discover basic football tactics.
    Overall PisSG is still an Holliday Camp
    Messi should have done better
    Quataris should leave that Merchandising Club sell it and when buying a new one look and study what their Gulf Brothers did with City and New Castle.

  2. Save yourself!
    Join a real club instead of a financial institution with a semi-pro subsidiary alla Chelski or PSG.
    Everyone who followed any club with a soul knew Messi was serving time profitably.
    Now, so long as the fascists in Madrid don't get in the way, he'll be home to win us our next CL in a brand new stadium,
    and make us the first club to win the Men's and Women's CL in the same year (2024-5).
    We accept all memberships from everywhere – even lost souls in London can have salvation.

  3. Messi is going to Barca that’s 95% certain. If not there then Argentina.

    He may only go to mls or Saud Arabia maybe in two years time.

    It’s good his leading lsg

  4. Whats the point of getting a messi and not building the team to his strengths so you can win the champions league. This psg project was in doubt from the beginning. The World Cup is proof.

  5. I never thought that would be possible until chelsea won it. then i thought "the freak is on". So yeah i sorta believed if that chelsea team can win it….

  6. Knowing how the football gods work, we might see messi return to barcelona and potentially face psg next season in the ucl and barca next season would be in pot 1 cuz they win la liga and psg could bottle the league to marseille and be in pot 2 and barca and psg play in the group stage. That could actually happen lol

  7. Messi is going to go to Saudi. Don't know how people are missing this. Can't turn down that paycheck. Was there this past weekend.

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