Messi destroyed Manchester United without Warming up#shorts

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  1. What differentiates him from Ronaldo, he’s just pure talent whereas Ronaldo is just a hard worker and disciplined both are in the goat discussion but Messi is the greatest of all time which is wild

  2. thats why i knew and recognized messi longer than i have with ronaldo… prior to 2015 messi was most definitely more popular than ronaldo… it was after 2015 when ronaldo started to climb up in popularity with the euro 2016, 3 ucl titles, 2 more ballondors, and the rise of social media (which ronaldo is very active in)… dont get me wrong he was huge already (winning 2 ucl & 3 ballondors & runnerups in the euro 2004 and fourth place in the 2006 world cup) but not as popular as messi (winning 4 ucl, 5 ballondors, & runnerups in the 2014 world cup and 2007 & 2015 copa america) during that time period messi was very popular

    (also i just want to point out im not being biased i love the two footballers and i have great respect for the both of them 🇵🇹🇦🇷)

  3. Bro it just a documentary of Messi it's not from the match idk when this guy will stop changing he's goats and startin wrs this guys totally graduated from McDonald's

  4. Bro's making premier league look easy and Bundesliga harder 💀 by scoring more goals in premier league in just one season and taking 3-4 season to score 86 goals in Bundesliga

  5. Some people say that Messi doesn't work hard and that it's all talent but there are different ways to work hard and for Messi, its thinking. He thinks a lot and that's why he plays good.

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