The REAL Reason Messi Did THAT Celebration! 🥶

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  1. It was revenge also but van call Media n told he is nothing for us Netherlands will b win sure shot n loud voice was there n Messi Squard Keep Quite n show who's D's boss's D's is da pure reasons now speak I will listen that's was actually celebration hole he took revenge his actions back past also

  2. Messi is like an anime protagonist at this point, exacting revenge for his fallen mentor then went on and defeat the final boss and won everything

  3. Pity Messi did not respect van Gaal. Most Messi fans did nor know. Because the Dutch he got the hormons. Barca did not wanted pay anymore, only Because JOHAN CRUIJFF is not 1.40!!

  4. Yeah so cool to do that because of some 20 year old transfer shait and towards a terminally ill legend coach on his last worldcup. Lost my respect that day

  5. Riquelme reminded van Gaal to much of himself. Someone who is a great ball player but slow as fuck. Riquelme was more talented, but i feel like he felt like if he could not do that at the 10 position someone should not be able to do it at Barcelona. He did not play with a 10, neither with Litmanen, nor Riquelme or Rivaldo. People should be reminded that he also took Litmanen to Barcelona but played with a 6 and not a 10. So he did it with the player he won him the CL at Ajax.

  6. What Van Gaal did to Javier Hernandez in hoe final game with Manchester United was absurd too. He expected the man to perform when he was given very little minutes. Gets a loan move to Real Madrid and Hernandez does well in the short minutes he got in Madrid whilst Van gaal got Falcao on loan and was miserable. Hernandez last game with United under Van gaal was a penalty and he missed and Van gaal reaction was unprofessional.

  7. Van Gaal is a true goat!!

    Fighting cancer and at the same time almost beating a rigged game, against Argentina! “ Messi the winner of the world cup and the ambassador of coruption” this was given. Not earned.

  8. Van Gaal is responsible fir turning every South American talents into flops. He invented a stupid excuse saying that the South American players are not physically strong and they're not tactical.

  9. if Messi and Ronaldo troll someone directly that means the other person has something serious problem…..
    and if Messi troll someone the other person should be declared terrorist for the game…… all know how humble Messi is ❤️❤️❤️

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