Messi Selflessly Pass To Mbappe || But He Missed

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100 comentario en “Messi Selflessly Pass To Mbappe || But He Missed”
  1. Mbappe did it on purpose… He didn't goal on purpose.. there can be 2 motive here,, 1. He is supporting his prev statement that psg is not kyliand saint german and that every player counts….. Or 2. His ego didn't allow him to goal with Messi's pass/assist,,, maybe he wanted to do it without anyone's assist…

  2. Its 1 team but messi fans act like they are competitors. They are so happy when something bad happens to Mbappe. Very bad vibes, Messi must be so ashamed.

  3. Messi always looking for the best option. Could run around the keeper or an easy pass to Kylian for a certain goal. Not always the case. Anyone can miss those. You’d never understand how someone that good would miss that but really it’s easy. You lean back enough and it does that. Anyone that’s played football long enough has missed those.

  4. Trash fans deserve trash players to cheer for…….wouldn't that be fun if their beloved Golden Child left them after next year if not earlier LMAO

  5. Seriously Kylian? Again?? All fkn season man, I'm so sick of this. Messi should stop passing to him, and take the shot himself. Messi has (one) weakness:. He needs to be an ass hole and selfish a little bit with Kylian and create his own gls instead of passing to a ghost for the last 4 matches. Wtf? Plus, thanks for the pass Kylian. The dude barely passes, on top of it! 🤮💩

  6. Once I get it, twice is unusual at that level but more then three times that’s on purpose now. Mbappe doesn’t want PSG to win to stop Messi from winning the title that will tie him for first place as the most decorated soccer player in history with Dani Alvis, that’s what this is about now. I believe Mbappe is out to hurt Messi however he can because he still hasn’t gotten over loosing the WC. That’s why he loves when he gets to wear that Captain armband while Messi is on the team because he loves feeling superior then Messi instead of trying to be humble and learn from the GOAT.

  7. Mbappe doesn't have the generosity of spirit that Messi has. One would hope that he would mature with age, but unfortunately he is showing all the signs of a diva. Reminds me of Lebron James.

  8. Leo is always selfless and Mbappe missed the clear chances. On the other hand, Mbappe is trying so much shoots instead to play to his teammates who are completely free. Mbappe is a selfish player and a sloppy kid until he don't scored a goal by himself. He dont care about the victory or goals of his team, he only care for his own theater. That's why good teams never want him.

  9. A lot people in this comment section seem to not know that Mbappe was offside so it doesn't matter. Though it should have still gone in seeing as the goal was open wide

  10. Deliberately missed because it would add up to Messi assists. Messi is at sunset point Mbappe should bother about Haaland who is going to outshine him for next ten years. 😂

  11. Bro honestly if messi was truly the goat he would have taken the shot there, you can’t be that insecure from that position if you rly are the goat, the real goat would’ve taken a no look shot from there

  12. Like the italians with Maradona, the french will not tolerate in their country the man that eliminated them from the World Cup. Something similar happened after the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Terribly bad losers !!

  13. Maradona, Ronaldinho,Rivaldo,Ronaldo Nazario , their careers ended waaay before messi and people criticize messi when hes at the end of his carrer and he not only scores he still assists last season he ended top assister in france legue , people that criticize him specially the french media were out of their mind if they thought that buying messi means buying messi in their prime , he is still an execellent player but thinking hes going to be the goat in psg was rheir mistake current goat are haland and mbappe , messi in out national team (argentina) and in psg is and was much more an assiter than a scorer and like i said messi is old close to his retirement , thinking that he can still plays like 8 or 9 years ago was psg and france mistake , good for messi he got a world cup and a huuuge money contract but he is in his last 2 or 3 years playing in europe

  14. When Messi released the ball for Mbappe, at that point of time there was just one defender in front of Mbappe (and the goalkeeper was behind Mbappe). Had Mbappe scored the goal it would have been disallowed for offside through VAR. Referee might not have noticed it at the first instance but eventually it would have been discovered through VAR.
    (just refer to Benzema's disallowed goal against Liverpool during last year's UCL)

  15. Leo is a masterclass… PSG is z luckiest club to have him… they should learn to appreciate him… we will never see the likes of him ever again

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